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About canvas prints

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Image galleries and e-commerce ArtDigital.sk offers ultramodern High-quality digital images printed on real high-quality canvas stretched on blind frames. Ideal for home, office, hotel rooms, boarding houses, apartments, halls ... etc.

Fine art on canvas - digital printing on high-quality canvas with high details. Quality color printing and fade resistance provides innovative printing technology! Original designs from ArtDigital.sk


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amphora astral bird astral nebula astral shell bird from space birds black heart blue abstract butterfly color palette colored hole dance with me dancing digitalpterix flame flaming moon flowers light magic bird more orange peacock stelar space swan two strangers vortex


Our motives cannot be find anywhere else in the world. They are original. We do not use databanks as many competitors. Be original ...


The images are generated by graphics programs and printed by large-printed inkjet printing on special canvas. It is stretched to the bottom stretcher bars. Ink is soaked up deeply to the material, so no peeling off or scrapping appears.


hrúbka blindrámu                                    vyhotovenie blindrámu



We offer a choice of several paintings formats, whose size makes it easier to find the optimal placement in your interior work. We can prepare non-standard multipart images on special request. Multipart images consist of several separate screens on which one motive is spread.


The images must be looked after in a standard way. They are suitable for interiors. Do not expose them to weather, direct sunlight, moisture and excessive heat. If the picture is dusty, wipe it off easily with a dry cloth or brush. The canvas is flexible, but it may happen that in extreme weather conditions (humidity) the canvas could fall off. Move it to normal climatic conditions and flattens the image to its original state .


If the image is ready, it is sent on the next working day after compilation. If the screen is out of stock, the delivery can take 7-10 days.


Warranty for paintings is two years. It applies to defects in material and quality of workmanship. It does not apply to defects caused by the customer or by the action of moisture, direct sunlight or intense heat.


All images shown in our website galleries are covered by copyright protection. None of these images or fragments thereof can be printed, copied or distributed through the internet without the author's permission!

English (United Kingdom)Slovenčina (Slovenská republika)

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